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Welcome to the The College of St. Scholastica Net Price Calculator!

Our Net Price Calculator provides you an opportunity to estimate what the net price of St. Scholastica will be for YOU, not just the published sticker price. Many factors go into determining what you will pay, which makes it different for every student, and often more affordable than families may assume. You may receive funding such as scholarships, grants, work study, or loans. At St.Scholastica, 100% of our students received some form of financial aid last year.

When comparing colleges, consider the value more than the sticker price, it is about your investment. Value includes the placement rates, class sizes, access to faculty, location of the school, opportunities for professional and social growth.

This tool is meant to provide an estimate of potential financial aid for undergraduate first-year students only, and may differ from the financial aid package you ultimately receive. It is not designed to represent financial aid amounts for transfer, readmitted, continuing, evening, international, online, graduate, or part-time students. Please contact or call us at (218) 723-6046 if you have any questions. If the student wishes to be added to our mailing list please ensure that Full Name, Address and Email fields are completed.

Depending on your unique situation, you may or may not qualify as an independent student for the purpose of federal financial aid. Please see this document for more information.

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